The public health pyramid.


After reading Chapter 13, and watching the video, answer the following questions:

Identify at least one sampling issue that would be particularly relevant at each level of the public health pyramid. Which strategy could be used to minimize these problems?
Spreading the Message: The description of your program needs to be conceptualized at this point.
This should include information derived from assignments 1 and 2 that was completed and submitted in this course. (These files are attached)

The following should be included in your presentation: Title, Target Objective Stated, Description of Target Community, Description of Program/Intervention Sample size, Proposed Program Description, Health risks associated with not doing desired behavior, incidence rates /prevalence rates/trends in these rates (national level) for associated health risks, conditions and diseases. Mortality and morbidity rates of associated health risks, conditions and diseases, Proven Methods to minimize risk.

Affordable care Acts

Social Stratification and Health