What effect does the U.S. Constitution have with respect to race?

Can a bona fide occupational ever exist with regard to race? No.
What effect does the U.S. Constitution have with respect to race?
Why is it preferable to sue under Title VII rather than the Reconstruction Era Act?
In what situation must a victim of race discrimination sue under the Reconstruction Era Act because Title VII is unavailable?
Are the tensions involving race discrimination decreasing?
Should white people be afforded the same protection under the Equal Protection clause as minorities?
Are pretexts often used to cover up discriminatory behavior?
When poor performance and racist behavior are both involved, which takes precedence?
Jumbo Bank has a strict policy that prohibits all types of racial jokes, language, and pictorials. Steven Woods sends an intra-office e-mail containing a racial joke. Marvin Lee prints out the joke and leaves it on his desk. Jerry Smith, a minority, picks up the printout of the joke. He threatens to bring a lawsuit for racial harassment and notify the press unless he receives a settlement of $5 million. Jumbo Bank reprimands Lee and Woods. Jumbo Bank wishes to avoid negative publicity, but it decides not to pay the amount requested. If this case is litigated, who will be victorious?
Twenty-five percent of the employees of Mystic Coffee Company are minorities. This percentage exceeds the minority population from which Mystic employs its workers. Hispanic and African American applicants, who have been denied employment, claim a disparate impact because the overwhelming majority of minority employees are Asian. Do they have a case?
Crystal Green is an assistant branch manager at the Valley Creek Savings Bank. Although Green has had favorable reviews for the past 15 years, she has been passed over for branch manager on three occasions for white employees with fewer credentials. Green has complained to the regional manager but has been put off. How would you advise her?