Strategic Management Fluency

1.Provide an overview of the importance of hospitality businesses to economies (Introduction)
Set the context– provide background information as to why the hospitality industry is so vital to local, state, and national economies. (2 cited sources) (1 points)

2.State the need for hospitality businesses within Southwest Florida (Need)
Cite specific data points as to why the hospitality is important to our Southwest Florida economy – tell the reader why s/he should care about this topic and keep reading. Your goal is to create a compelling, clear, and educational essay that will compel the reader to continue reading (2 cited sources) (4 points)

3.What benefits are generated from above information relative to proposing a new hospitality business concept for Southwest Florida? (Benefits) (2 points)
Explain how the above information you have summarized is of value in developing a new business concept for Southwest Florida
Provide a general description of your proposed business

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