Hank Azaria: ‘The Right Thing To Do’ With Apu

In order to get context of both the character as well as the Simpsons’ response to the controversy the documentary ignited in the actual show (the last episode listed here), please watch the following episodes. You can find all of these episodes here: http://www.simpsonsworld.conVbrowse/episodes.
Season 7, episode 23: Much Apu about Nothing Season 11, episode 9: Eight Misbehavin’ Season 17, episode 17: Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore Season 27, episode 12: Much Apu about Something Season 29, episode 15: No Good Read Goes Unpunished
Read: https://variety.conV2018/tv/news/the-simpsons-al-jean-apu-controversy-1202753449/. http://time.corn/5232896/the-simpsons-respond-apu-controversy/ And then I’d like you to find one more commentary piece on the controversy on your own – they should be easy to find. After you do

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