Assessment of Risk

You have been contracted as an expert consultant to provide analysis and feedback on a new client’s business
plan and possible launch of a new business. Each week, you will be asked to evaluate and critique a different
portion of the business plan and provide the client with feedback on the feasibility and quality of their plan. The
client’s name is Pegasus
Pegasus Travel dot com Business PlanPreview the document
Assignment Requirements
Each week, you will write a maximum one (1) page memoPreview the document analyzing and critiquing the
assigned section of the business plan. Your goal is to provide a clear and succinct evaluation of that portion of
the client’s business plan. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the plan and provide suggestions for
improvement. Consider the following questions or topics:
What business assumptions has the client made?
Can you confirm facts and figures provided? If so, what sources?
Is there information missing or lacking in clarity?
What does a SWOT analysis suggest about that portion of the business plan?
Is the client justified in making the claims asserted in the business plan?
Be sure to stay positive in your reporting since we want to encourage the client to continue using your
consulting services in the future