Sensory Organs

“Some argue that the brain contains specialized regions for processing incoming stimuli. For example, the
primary visual cortex only processes visual information. Others argue that although regions may prefer
processing certain modalities, there may be low-level multisensory processing when it is beneficial.
Using your course content as a guide, what is evidence for a) specialized regions processing only specific
incoming stimuli, and what is evidence for b) regions having the ability for multisensory processing?”
To help share boundaries for your response, though you will be posting into a discussion board, your response
should be maximum 1 page, 12-point font, double spaced. This is NOT a formal research paper—instead,
you can consider it as a “written answer” style question. You are encouraged to refer to your course material in
your answers (formal citations are not needed, but you want to be clear that you are using course content (and
not opinion!) in your responses.

Accuracy and Inaccuracy in Perception

States of Consciousness