Fundamentals of Project Management


(1) Where applicable, Microsoft Project Management or Project Libre chart could be produced and uploaded to accompany your submitted essay.
(2) University policy on late submission will be followed.
(3) Ensure that you comply with file naming and formatting conventions; a standard cover sheet is required.
(4) Reference session required if you use citation in your essay.

Assignment 001 Individual Essay

Since XJTLU is under an open campus environment and many deliverymen enter the campus for food deliveries at mealtime. While some of the universities in United States have launched robots food delivery on campus successfully. It is suggested by some students and faculty that XJTLU( might launch a similar project to alleviate the deliverymen entry issue and promote embracement to technology of the university. Assume you are the project manager, you are responsible to investigate the project, cooperate with potential robots providers, and come up with a detailed project plan, which will present to XJTLU top management team.
Please write a project plan for this project for your coming presentation. Using the subject below for your plan.

“XJTLU campus robots food delivery project plan”


(1) The project plan format should be MS word, NOT PDF, NOT PPT.
(2) Including basic elements of a project, pay attention to your project schedule, budget, acceptance criteria, and risk, etc.
(3) The word count of the plan should be about 3000.
(4) Please provide reliable information, don’t present fake or false information.
(5) General marking criteria are below and all categories are necessary:
Marking categories
Measurement Mark percentage Mark
Introduction 1 Business case 10%
Body 2 Project objective and supported strategy 10%
3 Project team 10%
4 Project risk analysis 10%
5 Project ROI and benefits 10%
6 Project communication 10%
7 Project schedule and milestones 10%
8 Project budget 10%
9 Project acceptance criteria 10%
Conclusion 10 Project conclusion 10%
Overall 100%