Representations of gender roles that affect the characterization


Several of the stories have representations of gender roles that affect the characterization, plot, or theme, such as “Gorilla, My Love,” “Are These Actual Miles?”, “Mr. Green,” “The Free Radio,” and others in upcoming modules. Choose one of these stories and explore the role gender plays in the story and the implications it has for the overall theme. While a feminist analysis is an option here, the selection does not have to be a female character. There are several examples of male characters in the stories struggling with the expectations their culture puts on them as well (this also happens to be within the scope of feminist analysis, which explores ALL gender roles).

Your essay must have a clear, direct thesis statement.


1.Refer to the material posted in the “Resources” Module for writing about literature. It is a valuable source for tips and examples.

2.Remember that the evidence for an argument about literature is first and foremost the literary text under analysis. As the reader is already familiar with the literary work, there is no need to include detailed plot summary (points will be deducted for this). A summary of events is not analysis.


3.You will need to use the primary texts and one authored outside source; i.e. a critical commentary. Use credible, authoritative source- NOT Wikipedia,, Sparknotes, Schmoop, encyclopedias, etc. If you have a question about whether a source is appropriate ask me or don’t use it. The Ivy Tech Library has a very useful guide, including which databases to search for literary criticism. This is the link: English Literature Library GuideLinks to an external site.