Leadership styles to new leaders in your organization

You are a criminal justice leader who has been asked to give a presentation regarding leadership, theory, and leadership styles to new leaders in your organization. In crafting this presentation, you will do the following:
1. Explore a history of leadership theory, including the major theories, theorists, and the basic assumptions of each theory.
2. Examine one theory that would best apply to criminal justice organizations today and in the future.
3. Discuss the various leadership styles from a context of criminal justice leaders and their roles in the criminal justice system.
4. Explore how an evolution of leadership theory and leadership style will be significant to the future of criminal justice.
Research in the online library, your textbook, and/or scholarly websites to support the assertions within your response. Beyond a title and a reference slide, produce 10 slides for this presentation. On each of the 10 slides (using the instructions above), use the speaker notes section to discuss scholarly research. Use APA Style for your references, proofread your work, and then submit your presentation for grading in Blackboard.