Mental health in the elderly

Write a research paper about Mental health in the elderly
Background information on the topic
– What are some facts about the topic?
– Why is this topic/research important?
– Why is this research or topic an issue?
– Hint: use facts in this section

– Who are the participants of this study?
– How many were there?
– Where did they sample these participants from?
– How long did recruitment take?

– What were the procedures of the study?
– What did the do researchers to conduct the study?

– What concepts or variables did they measure?
– How did they measure these concepts or variables?
– What measures did they use to measure these variables?
– Hint: Include all of the measures used and descriptions of each.

– Describe the participant sample using sociodemographic variables (e.g., age, sex, gender, race, ethnicity, location, income, marital status, etc.)
– Summarize what the researchers found in their analysis in lay-terms

– What were the limitations of this study?
– What were some things that could have been conducted better (e.g., more samples, diversity, other sampling techniques, etc.)?

Implications (research, clinical, practical, or policy)
– What were the implications of this research?
– How can these results be used in clinical, practical, or policy settings?
– What do these results mean for future research?
– How can these results inform future research and/or practice?