Tim Wise Presentation

“White Privilege: Racism, White Denial and the Cost of Inequality”
https://vimeo.com/7908057?embedded=true&source=vimeo_logo&owner=2635708 Links to an external site.
This is not an essay assignment. Number your well thought out responses to the following prompts.
1. What is Tim wise discussion about dominant and subordinate groups with regards to underprivileged and privileged groups in society?

2. What does Tim wise mean when he says “feeding denial” as it pertains to what he addresses as white denial?

3. As per Tim Wise’s presentation, what concerns and dangers should be of concern to whites? What evidence does he offer that whites are being harmed in the status quo? Is his argument convincing, why or why not?

4. Tim Wise shares his concerns as a white man inheriting the legacy of those who came before him with his own social race of people. Relate his discussion on developing cultural competencies to our course’s focus on developing diversity consciousness and increasing one’s awareness. By sure to draw connections to our text.
5. a) What did you like most about this Tim Wise presentation and why? b) What did you like least about this presentation? c) Considering your work, school, and family responsibilities, what will you remember 6 months to a year from now regarding this presentation?