General queries

1Why choose goldentechessays?

We not only have superb and talented professionals in various disciplines but we are also keen on quality services offered at lowest possible prices. Like birds of prey, we tear each assignment with zeal and mercilessly tackle any question and deliver before the deadline. Our standby and highly qualified customer relations professionals are available 24 hours to respond to your needs. At goldetechessays, we pride in quality and originality as key ingredients in online writing. Choose us today and grab invaluable services resplendent in wisdom.

2What kind of writing services do you provide?

We offer a mouth-watering menu of writing services for the following academic assignments: • Essays
• Write up
• Term papers
• Tutor Marked Assignments (TMAs)
• Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs)
• Thesis
• Research projects

3What standard do you practise?

At goldentechessays, we have experienced writers and researchers who assiduously handle any assigned academic work. This makes our standard first class and highly preferred by people from all walks of life. .

4Why should I trust your service?

Goldentechessays has a robust team of researchers and professionals from various disciplines. Upon submitting your assignment, our sedulous writers extensively and swiftly review relevant and most recent literature on the subject matter. We are with you all the way until your final submission of the assignment and are ready to review any contestable section or passages. In addition, our customer care executives are available 24 hours to handle your needs. We provide original and quality work with complete references using different referencing styles such as APA, MLA, Havard, Chicago, Turabian among others. Trusting us therefore is not an option but the only option!

5Do you ever resell papers?

Never! Be rest assured that every paper is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the customer. As such, we jealously guard every piece of work handled and ensure that only the rightful customer receives it.

6Can I talk with the writer?

Politely No! Talking directly with the writer is against our company’s code of ethics. However, you are free to engage any of our customer care executives who will eventually relay any messages/queries to the writers. Our robust customer support team is the liaison point between the students and the writers and provides speedy solutions to all your needs.

7Do you ever delete my work?

Your work will show in your account for 12 months from the date of submission and will remain so in our archives for a similar period. Eventually, it will get phased out from our system and cease to display in your account.

Services related queries

1Can you cover any topic for my assignment?

Yes we can! At goldetechessays, we have a team of experienced professionals and researchers drawn from various fields. We pride in our diversity and ability to handle brain-wracking questions from all fields of study. Feel free to contact us on email or through live chat concerning the topic of your assignment.

2Will the assignment be counted as plagiarised?

An emphatic no! Each assignment is handled with originality in terms of approach, content, layout and referencing. We are strong opponents of plagiarism with the sole aim of promoting originality. This is the reason we do not resell our work so that you can boast of having an original document never presented anywhere for any award.

3How much time will it take to finish an assignment?

Our experienced researchers are trained to work under pressure and meet strict deadlines. As such, they operate 24 hours a day to ensure that your needs are meet within the stipulated deadlines. Be rest assured that an assignment can be completed between 4 hours and 6 weeks’ notice. Time taken therefore depends on your due date.

4Is it ethical to get assignment help?

First, we recognize that academic excellence is one of the many talents people have in the world and not all must have this flair. Secondly, we are cognizant of the fact that many people have rigorous engagements either at workplace or in family levels. As such, we seek to help students achieve academic success regardless of their busy schedules.

5Do you appear for online exams? If yes, how?

Yes we do provided you furnish us with exam details, types of questions expected; be they objective, descriptive or multiple choice questions, log in ID and password. To register maximum excellence, we implore upon you to notify us of the same in advance so that our writers can adequately prepare to write such exams. Besides, you are also required to make payment on the eve of the exam as a sign of commitment. Otherwise, our writers will not appear for the exams if payment is not made as herein indicated.

6Do you also rephrase or paraphrase assignments?

We do paraphrase assignments with great skill so as to avoid any form of plagiarism whatsoever. We have experts in hermeneutics who can rephrase per excellence!

Support queries

1Can you deliver assignment in 2 hours?

We can deliver any assignment within the shortest time possible under our premier service. This means you will have to part with some extra dollars, pounds or euros to enjoy this premium service.

2Do you have support through phone calls?

Dear customer, we value your feedback. Talk to us through our helpline number. Place a call anytime of the day or night and enjoy an uninterrupted communication with our customer relations executives.

3I don’t find my subject in your catalogue. Can you still do it?

It is possible not to find your subject in our catalogue since our content is mostly generated from highly sought-after categories. A basic fact is that we do assignments on all areas of study under the sun. Due to space constraints, we are unable to enumerate all the fields of study. We have a team of sedulous experts with knowledge on various subjects hence our ability to provide answers to any question from whatever field under the sky.

4Do you have an expert for my subject?

We have polished and accomplished experts drawn from various disciplines. We pride of over 3000 experts holding PhDs in various fields of study and a further 2000 practitioners holding Masters degrees and have enrolled for PhDs in various prestigious universities across the world. We look forward to achieving a team of over 10,000 academicians and practitioners by 20030.

Payment queries

1How do you accept payments?

You can make payments by Paypal, Credit cards or Debit cards.

2Do you give discount on assignment?

Why not? At goldetechessays we do give discount especially under certain special offers.

3What currencies do you accept?

GBP from UK and USD are most preferred. Otherwise, we also accept SGD, NZD,…

4Can I pay in part and// or instalments?

Affirmative. Payments can be made in parts on condition that 50% of the total cost is paid in advance. It is upon depositing this advance fee that writers will start the work. To receive the work, the client will have to complete the rest of the balance. Do note however that there are exceptions for big assignments or bulk orders to the tune of 400 USD. In this scenario, clients can pay in parts segmented into 3-4 instalments. In this case too, our writers will be compelled to do the work in parts. For example, if the client pays 100 out of 400 dollars, our writers will do 25% of the work and only resume the task when the next instalment is paid.

Policy queries

1What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy is lucid clear and applies only when the client fails. The proof of failure must be produced within 31 days from the completion of the assignment. We do not accommodate any requests beyond the stipulated period as that will be substantively ultra vires pursuant to our modus operandi. Upon proof of the evidence adduced, we refund up to 50% of the amount. The reason is that the other 50% goes to writers and it is very difficult to get that amount from them. However, we discontinue the services of such writers with immediate effect. Please read our terms and conditions to know more about our refund policy, inter alia.

2What is your privacy policy?

We are the epitome of confidentiality! We recognize that every client has the right to privacy. This right protects each customer not to have information relating to himself or private affairs revealed or shared and the privacy not to have his or her communication infringed. As such, we collect and store any information and keep any client details fully confidential. Breach of privacy is a serious offense at goldetechessays. We are always committed to maintenance of personal secrecy provided by users while accessing our site or enlisting for our services.

3Do you charge for revisions/ what is your revision policy?

No! Revision comes free of cost provided the client does not change the assignment requirement. Just like the refund policy, revision can only be entertained within a period of 31 days from submission of work.