Diabetes as a health burden has increased globally, so much that its prevalence and magnitude are of great public concern in both developed and developing countries. In fact, in some countries, it is such a serious health issue that affects a significant percentage of the population, in some cases, as high as 10% (Zinman et al., 2015).Considering its seriousness, a universal health objective is to reduce diabetes-related health complications and deaths, particularly through glucose level monitoring and control. As the disease is difficult to control, diabetes patients are at increased risk of health complications and death, particularly due to regimen non-adherence.

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In the face of rapid globalization, the role of management techniques and leadership skills has been elevated as far as success in the international business arena is concerned. Indeed, the capacity of a leader to exercise control to the effect of leading other organizational members in pursuing contextual objectives cannot be underestimated;an organization’s success or failure depends greatly on its leadership. Importantly, an effective manager ought to be able to generate a kind of atmosphere that favors development and inspires innovation among subordinates, thus increasing overall productivity and performance.

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The Profile of Darwin Correctional Centre Organisational profile contains summary information concerning the evolution and history of the organization (Darwin Correctional Centre), the anticipated future performance and performance history, organisational reputation and details of services or goods offered by the company ().This paper presents the profile of Darwin Correctional Centre with which the author completed his placement. The areas covered in the paper are historical context of Darwin Correctional Centre, vision and mission statements for the organisation, type of the organisation, organisational structure, organisational culture, and beneficiaries or primary clients.

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Diabetes mellitus is one of the top ten global causes of death (WHO, 2018). In adults, diabetes has a 2-3-fold increases the risk of cardiovascular complications such as heart attacks and strokes. Scientists have thus been engaged in finding the interventions which can be used in the treatment of diabetes. Additionally, various diagnostic tools have been discovered which aid not only in the detection but also in the establishment of the most appropriate treatment mechanisms for diagnosis. Various evidence-based articles have been presented on the interventions and diagnostic tools for diabetes treatment.

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